Our Purpose.
It's our humble belief that by surrounding ourselves with the
authentic, the unique and the curious, our lives are more awesome.

We celebrate the independent makers by seeking out their inspired
goods and crafted experiences, providing meaningful ways for our
users to connect for themselves.

We Do This in Two Ways:

Shoppe: inspired goods by independent makers

We're promoting independent artisans, craftsmen
designers and the like--giving you access to their
inspired goods and authentic creations alongside the
vision and the passionate processes that make them
special. These are the things that add personality to
our homes, stories to our lives, and that "awww,
you're so thoughtful" sentiment to our gift-givings.
Trade: crafty cartographer
Passive Juice Motel
Trade: stitcher & a doodler
Dave Marcoullier
Trade: arborial artist

Local: the most curious way to explore your city

We set out to explore the unique, the local, the downright curious destinations
that make a city great by way of our sweet mobile incentives, under-the-radar
events, and intel from our on-the-ground Scouts. Basically, it's everything that
makes you think, "You know what? This city is #&$%ing awesome!"
Get free incentives on
scout-approved restaurants
around town.
Our local scouts give us the
scoop on what's curious &
worth knowing about.
Exclusive discounts &
easy-access tickets to worthy
shows & local happenings.
We Work With A Pretty Awesome Posse.
We're A Pretty Big Deal In The Press.
We're Backed By A Pretty Awesome Bunch.

We've Got Answers To (some of) Your Questions.


How long are products for Sale?
Our goods are on sale for an internet eternity... which is to say, we keep them around as long as they don’t sell out (and, let’s be honest, sell outs happen pretty often) or the maker decides to end their sale/discontinue a product. We’ll often restock products that are super popular and sell out, but that’s not always a given. After all, since these products are unique, one-of-a-kind (and downright awesome) it’s hard to keep them for long on our virtual shelves.
Where are products made?
All over the U.S.of A.! In small artist studios. In designers’ basements. Maybe even as part of our grandmother’s knitting circle. (Minus that last one.) What we’re trying to say is that we’re proud to support small, independent businesses from all over our great, independent country. Check out the makers’ individual bio page to see and learn exactly where their specific products come from.
A product I want is sold out. Can I still get it?
Many of our items are restocked when they sell out. So if you see anything out of stock, please check back over the next week as our inventory is adjusted and refreshed.
Is there an easy way to search for the item I want?
There sure is. Check out that search bar in the top right of Shoppe; you can also use several filters at the top of the page to filter the products down from what is shown on the page.
How long will it take to get my order?
Most Shoppe items SHIP out in 1-2 weeks. Custom orders are almost always within the 2 week time frame. Occasionally, we have products that take longer since they’re handmade with love (i.e., furniture and pottery). We will be sure to let you know ahead of time if we expect one of our makers to take longer than 2 weeks. And should there be any unexpected hiccups along the way, we’ll be sure to give you the heads up.
How do I check my order status?
Tracking information will be sent out on each item in your order once it is on the road heading to you. You can check its status in ‘My Orders’ and, if you have anything more specific that you’d like to know, please get in touch with us.
Does Shoppe ship internationally?
Unfortunately we cannot process international payments or shipping right now. If there is something that you are interested in sending outside of the USA however, please let us know and we’ll do what we can to connect you with the artists to complete your order.
I placed an order. Can I change the payment method?
Sorry, Charlie. Once an order has been placed, we are unable to adjust the payment method.
I placed an order. Can I cancel it?
If you change your mind about an item or an order (cue the sadness), please contact us. As long as your items have not shipped, we are able to cancel items or orders. Personalized items (i.e., anything you’ve altered to your specifications like monogramming or custom orders) and certain products shipped directly from our vendors are subject to special approval.
How do I redeem my coupon code?
Just enter your coupon code in the shopping basket before proceeding to checkout. If you are having problems applying a code, you can always check with our Customer Service before placing your order to make sure it applies and to avoid any disappointment.
What are Shoppe's shipping fees?
It looks like this:
$4.95 for all orders under 100
$14.95 for all orders over $100 and under $200
$24.95 for all orders over $200 and under $300
$29.95 for all orders over $300 and under $500
$39.95 for all orders over $500 and under $750
$49.95 for all orders over $750 and under $900
and $59.95 for all orders over $900

If your order is something over, let’s say, $20,000... well then, we may just deliver it in person to shake your hand and say thank you.

Keep in mind, purchases shipping to Alaska or Hawaii and U.S. territories may incur additional charges. But we’re guessing you may be used to that for living in such awesome places.

Also, some items due to weight and size have individual shipping fees charged independent of these tiers. These fee are listed in your order summary for review before you complete checkout.
Will my entire order be shipped in one package?
Most of our products are shipped directly from the makers so, our answer is: It depends. If you ordered multiple products from one maker, they will likely all ship together. But if they are from different makers, then they will arrive separately and in different packaging.
How do I track my shipment?
Go to that special destination on the site called “My Orders” and you’ll find each shipment along a link for its tracking information.
What is Shoppe's return policy?
If you're disappointed with your order, well, first of all we apologize big time. To rectify the situation as musch as we can, please contact our Customer Service team. They’re great, really. One guy even has a British accent. Since we work with different makers who each have their own rules, each product also has its own return policy depending on the maker. Unfortunately, we are never able to accept returns on customized items, so remember that when placing your order. We can also facilitate exchanges if you prefer going that route.
How do I unsubscribe from your email newsletter?
Let’s not overreact here. You've got several options for email delivery: daily, weekly and occasional alerts. To choose your preferences, visit the Email Preferences page. Please allow 5 days for our records to be updated and then your new email schedule will begin. Or if you really just want to break up with us after everything we’ve been through together, that’s fine. We’ll survive. Just go to the Email Preferences page and look for the ‘unsubscribe’ option. Even when you don't receive emails, you're still a member with us and you can shop by visiting the site directly.
I forgot my password. Can you help?
Since passwords are a private thing and all that, we can’t help you directly. Unless your password happens to be “OPEN SESAME” or “Fluffy12345”. Then, you’re welcome. However, you can visit this page for help.
How do I change my password?
If you’re needing to do a refresh on the ol’ secret code, visit the Account Information page. That's where you can easily update your password.


I’ve heard legends of this Scoutmob app. How do I get it?
The answer’s quite simple: you gotta join the mob. (No, not that mob.) Download the Scoutmob app on your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. Each and every deal, article, and event list, plus other local-curious goodness is automatically available to you right there in your hand, on your phone, in real-time. As for the rest of legendary app magic you’ve heard so much about? Well yes -- that’s all true, too. All of it.
Does your app work with my iPad / iPod touch?
The best answer is yes AND no!

Yes, you can access your App Store of choice and download that free one called Scoutmob. From there, you can access all of our local content and read about all of the deals we currently have available, but should you want to actually USE one of the deals or filter through them, you will need Wi-Fi connectivity. If a deal is not an “app-only” deal, we suggest you still text or email your favorite deals to yourself so that you have easy access, Wi-Fi or not. We’d hate for you to miss out because of some spotty connection at the deal location.
So how exactly does Scoutmob make these deals and such happen?
Ah, you want to see the magic behind the Scoutmob curtain, eh? Well, here are the basics: we work directly with local business owners and independent makers to bring you exclusive deals, crafted goods, and curated experiences only available through Scoutmob. We choose only the most recommended, locally-loved, quality-assured businesses, and we do our best to work with only those locally-owned.
So what’s the difference between mobile deals and Hand-Picked?
While you can get our mobile deals without paying up front, our Hand-Picked experiences are on a first-come, first-serve reservation basis. So you gotsta put down the cash (or, really, the plastic) to play. And while our mobile deals are best served on our app, you’ll best find our Hand-Picked experiences for purchase for a limited time on our site.
And what is this Shoppe thing?
Another fine question: Shoppe is our fancy e-commerce destination for all things awesome and independently created. We’ve curated a selection of such crafted goods, offering a new selection on a weekly basis. We also have insider insight into the inspiration (and inspiring creative processes) of these makers. Shoppe is as much about connecting you with the people and the stories behind these goods as it is about discovering some really sweet stuff. We’re excited to be connecting our curious users to independent creators and their passionate creations — just like we do with our brick and mortar locations.
What if I don’t have a fancy-schmancy smart phone? Can I still get deals?
You sure can. Just follow the yellow brick road (or, er, your chosen web browser) to get to Scoutmob.com, pick your city, and view deals this way. While most of our deals are made for app-only, a handful of our deals are available via text and email. Identify a text-friendly deal and get it by providing your cell number and cell carrier (or your email address) and receiving a deal code that way. If you have any issues, just contact us.
Can I use Scoutmob in any city?
Depends on what you’re looking for. Shopping on Shoppe? Sure thing. But as far as Hand-Picked and geo-location deals go, that’s just not possible. They are, after all, location-based. So far, Scoutmob’s mobile deals are only happening in the fine cities of Atlanta, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, Austin, Dallas, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., and Nashville. Therefore, our app is pretty much like foreign currency in any other city: cool to look at, but otherwise, pretty useless. As for Hand-Picked, that’s happening full-time in Atlanta... but we’ll be launching those in other cities real soon.
I tried to use a mobile deal but it couldn’t find me. What gives?
Make sure you’re actually at the business you claim to be. You can’t actually use a deal unless you’re actually at the location, and your GPS is able to locate you there.

Say you’re actually really in the right place and still having issues: Sometimes, just trying to click out of the deal and then refreshing it will work.

If that doesn’t work, make sure you have data signal or are connected to WiFi. Also, ensure “location services” are turned on for the Scoutmob app.

Locate yourself on your phone’s map app to make sure it actually really knows where you are, then try again.

If all else fails, quit the app and try again. Phones are sometimes fickle like that.
I saw a deal on my app, then it vanished. What in tarnation is going on here?
Two things might be to blame: the deal has either expired and therefore is no longer available. (Cue sad violins.) Or the deal you saw was a ‘POP-UP’ deal, which means it may be available only at certain hours or on certain days, but not currently available at the time you are looking for it. You can search for this deal by name (in the search bar) and check the exact availability in the deal’s fine print.
Where does local content come from?
Every morning, the local content stork flies over our offices and drops off a bundle of sweet, cuddly local goodness to share. Oh, and also: we have witty, charming, devastatingly good-looking local writers on the ground in all of our cities. They spend their days scouting out the best events, stories, and places you need to know about. They visit all of our deal locations, take all the pictures, make the magic that is Scoutmob’s awesome content every day. Yes, they are that awesome. And no, they definitely are not writing this particular FAQ answer.
How do I switch the city I’m in?
Easy. Board a plane, train or bus or walk your two feet in the direction of... oh, you mean on switching it out on the app and email, don’t you? Even easier. To change your app settings, head to “Options” and look for the “Switch City” tab. With emails, you can unsubscribe from any unwanted emails using the “Unsubscribe Instantly” link at the bottom of that email. Then, sign-up for your desired city at the main homepage of scoutmob.com. If all else fails, email us for help.
I love you guys. I love your emails. But maybe I want to get less of them. Can I make that happen?
Look, we really love you too. We want this email relationship to work for us. So we’ve created a “Preference Center” where you can customize the amount of emails you receive, or the type of emails you receive. To change your email preferences, look for the Preference Center link at the bottom of your email; it will take you to a page where you can choose your own email adventure or, rather, the frequency of our emails, etc. So many options! Only because we love you.
What if I have some perhaps less-frequently asked questions for you to answer?
If you’re looking for the meaning of life or how many jellybeans fit in that fish bowl, we’re probably not going to have the answers you’re looking for. But we can help with any Scoutmob-related questions or comments that may come up. Email to us here at help@handpickedatlanta.com, and you can expect an answer from us in a timely fashion. Weʼre pretty much glued to our computers anyway.
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