Lavender Castile Soap Bar Set

Handmade with plant-derived ingredients

made by Silver Hill Lavender

Lavender Castile Soap Bar Set

Handmade with plant-derived ingredients

$ 15

The details

Naturally nourish skin with this trio of moisturizing soaps. Each one is concocted with only plant-based oils, homegrown herbs and essential oils in small batches. You’ll receive one each of the oatmeal, lemongrass poppy seed and backwoods bar soaps, to soothe, exfoliate and suds to your heart’s content.

Oat & Bud Bar (6 oz.)
Ground oats and whole lavender buds gently scrub away dead skin, and the moisturizing base of olive, coconut and palm oils nurtures skin.

Ingredients: ground oats, organic lavender buds, lavender essential oil, saponified olive, coconut, + palm oils

Lemongrass & Poppy Seed Bar (6 oz.)
The energizing fragrance of lemongrass and lavender is just as tasty as your morning muffin. Each bar is dotted with poppy seeds for exfoliating properties.

Ingredients: poppy seed, lemongrass + lavender essential oils, saponified olive, coconut, + palm oils

Backwoods Bar (6 oz.)
Inspired by all things outdoorsy, this soap combines cedar, rosemary and lavender for a down-to-earth scent. The bars are peppered with homegrown sage and rosemary and blended with bentonite clay, which absorbs excess oil from skin.

Ingredients: atlas cedar, rosemary, + lavender essential oils, organic sage leaves, bentonite clay, saponified olive, coconut, + palm oils


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