Gourmet Salt Assortment

High-class flavors for high-class folks

made by Sugared Spice Shop

Gourmet Salt Assortment

High-class flavors for high-class folks

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This gourmet salts set includes 4 oz. tins of sundried tomato sea salt, porcini mushroom pink himalayan salt, aged balsamic infused sea salt and roasted garlic sea salt.

Sundried tomato sea salt is a special blend of sundried Roma tomatoes and sea salt. These tomatoes are dried in the kitchen and then blended into the salt to give it a beautiful brick red hue and wonderful flavor that adds to so many dishes, such as caprese salads, grilled beef, and risottos.

Porcini mushroom pink himalayan sea salt is an aromatic twist to the most beautiful pink sea salt. Salt made from a delicate blend of garden-grown, fresh rosemary and pink salt. Wonderful to sprinkle on steamed or roasted veggies with the added benefits of Himalayan sea salt.

Aged balsamic infused sea salt can be used on meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, desserts or as a garnish. The salt has the sweet aroma and taste of balsamic without the tartness of vinegar.

Roasted garlic sea salt is made by blending coarse sea salt with freshly minced garlic to make this wonderful salt. It can be used on everything either before cooking or after as a finishing salt.


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$35 $41