French Lettuce Seed Assortment

Includes 6 varieties for the garden

made by La Vie Rustic

French Lettuce Seed Assortment

Includes 6 varieties for the garden

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Grow your own greens with all this set of lettuce seeds. The six French varieties of heirloom lettuces include crispheads, butterheads, romaine and loose leaf lettuce. One large letterpress printed envelope contains six individual seed packets, with one gram of each. You’ll receive enough seed to plant a 50-foot row of each.

Reine des Glaces (1g)
This lettuce variety has been cultivated for more than 125 years, and it has deeply cut, almost lacy leaves with spiky edges. It almost looks like an early predecessor to today’s commonly available iceberg lettuce, but the Reine des Glaces has much more flavor and character. Although best grown in the cool days of spring and fall, it can tolerate some heat.

Rouge Grenobloise (1g)
This Batavian type has a large head, heavily brushed with varying shades of magenta, and pale-green inner leaves that are somewhat crisp. The leaves are curly and ruffled. It does equally well in warm and cold weather, making it a good choice for many growing areas.

Merveille de Quatre Saisons (1g)
A classic larger butterhead lettuce, with soft delicate leaves that are blushed dark magenta along the tops, pale green at the base. Cultivated for more than 125 years, it can be grown year-round in all but the hottest and coldest climates.

Reine de Mai (1g)
This butterhead lettuce forms a lovely little pale creamy-green head, sometimes tinged with just a bit of rose. The leaves, like other butterheads, are fine and delicate, and their unusual color sets them apart. It is not very heat tolerant.

Rougette de Montpellier (1g)
This butterhead type forms a small, almost round head with typically dark maroon leaves, green at the base. The leaves are tender and delicate. It is more tolerant to heat than some other butterheads.

Romaine Rouge d’Hiver (1g)
The leaves are smoother and more delicate than those of most romaines and vary in shade from maroon to bronzish red, with pale green bases. This lettuce is excellent to harvest as baby lettuce when the leaves are 4 or 5 inches long and can also be harvested at full size.

Planting guidelines: Climate is the major influence on lettuce. When the days grow hot, the lettuce becomes bitter. Plant in spring and fall in warm climates, spring, summer, and fall in cooler climates.

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