DIY Fermented Foods Kit

Voila. Cabbage to kimchi.

made by Masontops

DIY Fermented Foods Kit

Voila. Cabbage to kimchi.

$ 59

The details

What to do with a summer’s worth of veggies? Ferment. Yes, you can. This easy DIY fermenting kit takes the mess, bacteria and wizardry out of the whole process. Simply prep and can as instructed, and let it do its thing. Fast-forward days or weeks to a pantry packed with sauerkraut and kimchi, or whatever tickles your pickle (makes those, too). Your tummy will thank you for the probiotics, courtesy of fermentation. Your local farmers will thank you for eating their goods.

– Fermenting kit includes four Pickle Pipe silicone airlocks, four Pickle Pebbles PLUS+ clear glass fermentation weights and the Pickle Packer all-natural acacia wood vegetable tamper
– Set of four Pickle Pipes for wide mouth mason jars
– Set of four Pickle Pebbles (2 3/4"dia. X 3/4"H)
– Pickle Pebbles are lead-free, food-grade, non-porous clear glass ferment weights
– Pickle Packer (2.5"dia. at wide end; 2"dia. at smaller end x 10"H)
– Mason jars and screw bands not included


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