Even though it’s not cold enough for snow (thank heaven) there’s still a place to relax and pig out like we just got the day off. The best part? To get there you won’t need to dig your way off your stoop. At the new Snowday food truck, they’ve got the goods to get you through the fall, winter and really any season or inclement weather.

Fresh off a big win for Rookie of the Year at this year’s Vendy Awards, Snowday is a rising star in the city’s increasingly popular roving food scene. They’re upping the standards with a serious menu of farm-to-truck style eats, meaning all ingredients come from New York state locally sourced food. "We believe in collective impact, working closely with other community organizations to inspire change. By eating at Snowday, you are providing jobs for youth in your community and supporting local New York farmers.” They tell us. (Does it get any more heart-warming than that?)

Then, at the center of it all: a grand pour of maple syrup. The whole menu here is dappled in the sweet stuff. They kick things off with the Little Skivers, a collection of mini pancake poppers that can be stuffed with your choice of Kale Pesto & Brie, Fried Chicken, Ham & Gruyere, Chocolate Chip or Cinnamon Sugar. (And, oh yes, they all come with appropriately paired dipping sauces.) Then, for larger appetites, they’ve also got Pulled Pork Sliders and Maple Cheddar Grilled Cheese sandwiches. We repeat: Maple Cheddar Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. And to finish things off, if you’ve still got room to spare, there’s Sugar on Snow (maple syrup frozen into taffy-like consistency by pouring it over fresh snow) or Mini Maple Apple Cupcakes.

And that food isn’t the only good deed these folks are doin’. Consider them the Spidermen of foodstuffs, since they’ve also partnered up with Drive Change, an organization devoted to employing recently incarcerated youths. All of Snowday’s food truck sales go directly back into the Drive Change program.

“Our values are rooted in the belief that young people with criminal histories can live crime-free, bright futures full of opportunity,” the owners write on their website. “Our trucks are our vehicles for social justice - allowing young people to have hands on experience and develop transferable skills to become leaders in today's society.” It can’t get much better than eating good while doing good at the same time — especially when that means savoring every last bit of Maple Cheddar Grilled Cheese.