Monday, September 15, 7:30 p.m.
Brooklyn Book Festival Opening Night Party

The Paper Box, 17 Meadow Street, Brooklyn

Our parents always told us, “Turn off that TV and go read a book!” Still, left unsupervised as adults, we’re prone to falling down the internet k-hole that is YouTube videos and Netflix binging. Well, let’s all power down the laptop this week for the Brooklyn Book Festival. They’re kicking things off with a party this Monday night at The Paper Box. Mingle with the authors, hobnob with fellow bookworms, imbibe on libations, dance or even play a round of Mad Libs. The streaming queue can wait.

Deal nearby: El Mio Cid

Monday, September 15 & Tuesday, September 16
Hold On to Your Butts

The PIT (on the Striker Stage), 123 East 24th Street, Manhattan

Hold onto your butts! The People’s Improv Theater has some grand plans this month. For three days they’re doing a — ready for this? — LIVE shot-for-shot remake of “Jurassic Park.” Comedians Kyle Schaefer and Nick Abeel will single-handedly perform the entire movie, with the help of foley artist and clever girl Kelsey Didion. (Where would we be without the sounds of a screeching t-rex trying to eat two children?)

Deal nearby: Pranna Restaurant and Lounge

Wednesday, September 17, 7 p.m.
New York Public Library Trivia Concert

The Gallery at LPR, 158 Bleecker Street, Manhattan

If you love music and also happen to be a competitive nerd, this Wednesday has a good night in store for ya. The New York Public Library hosts a full night of live performances and music-related trivia – complete with prizes. According to the organizers, they’ll be exploring “the Library’s unparalleled collection of composers’ manuscripts, correspondence, plus other fun and fascinating musical odds-and-ends.” Admission is free — and so is knowledge.

Deal nearby: The Uncommons

Thursday, September 18, 7 p.m. to Midnight
Rough Draft: Brooklyn

Elberta Restaurant & Bar, 335 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

For any creative pursuit, it’s inevitable to need some new inspiration (and a beer) every now and then. Get both in spades at this Thursday’s Brooklyn edition of Rough Draft. While the resident DJ plays different types of music, the audience is invited to join in with their favorite medium, whether that means writing, acting, painting, singing, speaking, dancing or playing along to the beat. Admission is free.

Deal nearby: Feluccio