A sprawling room of delicious things to eat need not wait ‘til Thanksgiving-time. Tucked inside the doors at 200 Vesey Street, such a wondrous place now exists year-round. The just-opened Hudson Eats has reeled in some of the city’s most popular dishes and treats, from cupcakes to Cambodian-style sandwiches. The bonus here? It’s all under one roof, with waterfront views taboot.

According to the owners, the whole shebang is “an upscale dining terrace overlooking the Hudson River featuring fast-casual concepts from 14 chef-driven eateries.” And this spring, it’ll be joined by a 25,000 square-foot French marketplace and six new full-scale restaurants. For now, though, you’ll find us staring deeply through the windows at Hudson Eats. Are we contemplating the future of humanity? Are we solving math problems? Or are we savoring the five-spice glazed pork belly sandwich? You’ll never know. (It’s the sandwich. Definitely the sandwich.)

Want to explore it for yourself? Here’s a game plan to eat your way through the lineup:

Black Seed Bagels
Good for: The über-popular hand-rolled bagels of your dreams. They’re baked in a wood-burning oven after being poached in alkalized water, and you can get ‘em topped with a house-made cream cheese.
What to get: Any bagel on the menu. Seriously, they’re all that good. But if you’re having a particularly hairy morning, dive headfirst into one of the breakfast sandwiches. Life just feels better when you’re holding a bagel topped with thick slabs of Mile End bacon, cheddar cheese and a wood-fired egg.

Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar
Good for: Super fresh sushi on the go.
What to get: With the wide selection here, we’d recommend foregoing the usual salmon or tuna. Try other faves like the Enoki & Hamachi (yellowtail with straw mushrooms) or Karai Kaibashira (spicy scallops and smelt roe).

Good for: Tossin’ up the same old salad routine with a BYO ethos and 25 homemade salad dressings.
What to get: Build your own salad from the Customer Craft section. (How often do you get to have exactly what you want in life, anyway?)

Dig Inn
Good for: Seasonal eats with a health-conscious vibe and a local, sustainable focus.
What to get: The Happy Salmon Salad. You’ll feel good enough about eating it that the Sprinkles cupcake you order next won’t make you feel so guilty. Win-win, y’all.

Dos Toros
Good for: Quick San Francisco-style Mexican food made with fresh, local produce then drizzled in hot sauce that’s made in-house.
What to get: A nicely filling carnitas burrito, packed with juicy braised pork, rice, beans, cheese, salsa and sour cream. Pro-tip: Yes, you do want to add the guacamole.

Little Muenster
Good for: Highfalutin’ grilled cheeses that pair unexpected toppings with different varieties of the ol’ fromage.
What to get: Any of the four Little Muenster Staples, or if you’re goin’ for adventurous, try out the Braised Fennel Sandwich. The herbal fennel gets a mighty flavor profile thanks to candied orange peel, mint and fresh farmer’s cheese.

Mighty Quinn’s BBQ
Good for: Dutifully exploring the happy meeting ground between Texas and North Carolina-style barbecue.
What to get: MEAT. But to be more specific, get the Burnt Ends. These babies are the best pickin’s off of the brisket. They’re extra smoky, fatty morsels that are somehow twice as satisfying as other cuts of meat. Oh, yes.

Num Pang
Good for: Cambodian-style sandwiches that you will crave for many days after scarfing one down.
What to get: A Five-Spice Glazed Pork Belly sandwich off the seasonal menu. It’s juicy and bright thanks to a helping of freshly pickled Asian pear. And if you’re feelin’ extra-ravenous, also spring for the Grilled Corn on the Cob, generously topped with chili mayo, coconut flakes and chili powder.

Good for: An ever-changing lineup of easily portable and satisfying combos.
What to get: The special ½ sandwich and soup of the day.

Skinny Pizza
Good for: A healthy version of the city’s favorite junk food. Bonus? On top of organic tomato sauce, plus antibiotic and hormone free meats, they also offer options for gluten-free crust and vegan cheese. Finally, pizza that makes your entire group of friends happy.
What to get: A craft-your-own 10-inch personal pie. No sharing (and fewer calories) means living out your hopes and dreams all on one crust.

Good for: Treating yo’self.
What to get: Whatever your heart desires! (Ours is currently lusting for a dozen red velvet and no questions asked.)

Good for: A modern take on French bistro-style fare, starring the tartine, an open-faced sandwich served on a thin slice of toast.

What to get: It’s hard to ever go wrong with a Ricotta Tartine, layered underneath prosciutto, olive oil and fresh pepper, of course. Or for somethin’ sweet a Tartine Nutella Banane is exactly as extravagant and satisfying as it sounds.

Umami Burger
Good for: Satisfying a craving you didn’t even know you had. Umami is the fifth taste you didn’t know you needed so much — and this time it’s in burger form. Yum.
What to get: The Truffle Burger because: house-made truffle cheese and a truffle glaze.