If you pay any attention to the local foodie-sphere, you know that a) we're in the heart of ramp season, and b) this statement SHOULD APPARENTLY BE IN ALL CAPS because c) New Yorkers go bonkers for those zesty little stalks. While it's been reported that we could actually be over-harvesting the little Allium, and thus potentially ruining our chances at geeking out all over again next season, restaurants city-wide have been announcing the addition of the early-spring staple to their seasonal menus as if Gwyneth Paltrow herself had hand-delivered them atop a unicorn.

And while we didn't spearhead a full Twitter campaign about the subject, we admit we're fans. The sharp, tangy flavor brings a little extra life to whatever dish it's added to, and they officially tell our taste buds that spring has actually sprung. Thus, we've done you a solid and compiled some of the best restaurants that scored some green and white for their spring menus. (Twist! It's showing up on the cocktail side, too.)

The Carroll Gardens resto is serving up a vegetable smorgasbord of Spring Ramps with morels, custard, hominy and aleppo. Now that's a dish we would consider skipping meat for.

Market Table
The swanky West Village mainstay has pickled the little suckers to go with its pork tenderloin. The dish involves a pancetta-wrapped pork tenderloin, antebellum grits, artichoke, shishito peppers and pickled ramps. Mmmmm.

Saam Bar
The ramp is running ... ramp-ant (we had to) at this corner eatery in the East Village. This place has got Hurricane Island oysters with ramp mignonette on its raw bar menu; pickled ramps in its grilled flat iron steak, with bulgur and romanesco; AND a ramp brine martini, with gin, dry vermouth and pickled ramps. You might not want to combine all three if you're here on a date.

Cafe Storico
This bright yellow cafe housed in the New York Historical Society building is serving up ramps on the sly by way of an off-menu cocktail. You won't find the “Proserpina,” a gin-based cocktail with pickled ramps, on the drink list, but ask nicely enough, in hushed whispers while tapping the side of your nose and laying your pinky, ring, and middle finger openly on the bar, and they'll hook you up. Or you can just ask.

Of course, if you want to avoid all the hype and weird hand signals, you can always skip fighting with fellow diners and just cook up some delicious meals on your own. The folks over at Serious Eats have been celebrating all week with delicious dishes you can make in your apartment's kitchen. We're talkin' ramp frittatas to the 'rampiest risotto." We're....rAMPed. (Yeah...)