Food trucks have revolutionized the way we eat, bringing food we love to the streets that we live and work on. Yay convenience and eating with our hands! But like all good things that become a huge nationwide trend, there are pitfalls. Admit it: it gets a little tiresome monitoring Twitter all morning, chasing a truck downtown, waiting in a long line, finding out the one item you wanted is done for the day and of course, spilling on yourself.

Luckily, trends also work in reverse, and a number of food trucks are heading back to that age-old tradition of brick-and-mortar stores. For example, we recently discovered that Calexico, one of our all-time favorite trucks, recently went to the LES to open the doors on its third restaurant. And guess what? That's not all:

Rustic LES
124 Ridge St., Lower East Side
Spawned from the sought after Bistro Truck, which gained a cult following thanks to its Moroccan/Mediterranean food, the recently opened Rustic L.E.S. elevates that theme and plates up dishes that trucks just don't allow. The grilled lamb chop transfixes, and the Lamb Burger is definitely something you need to be seated for.

Big Gay Ice Cream
125 E. 7th St., East Village; 61 Grove St., West Village
One of the most fabulous treat trucks around, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck hit the streets in 2009 when it was described as "a cross between Mr. Softee and Mario Batali." Predictably, New Yorkers couldn't get enough of the soft serve flavors. Now, we'll all soon be flocking to the truck's two new stores in the East and West Villages to grab us a scoop of the Bea Arthur in a cone.

345 7th Ave., Midtown West; 106 Forsyth St., Lower East Side
Combining the sultry, smoky flavors of barbecue with the spiciness of Mexican food, this orange and yellow truck turned this town upside down when it hit the streets. And we know we're not the only ones who extended their lunch hour just to get our hands on some short rib tacos and burnt end chili. Well, at least we can save time from having to track down the truck now. There are permanent locations in Midtown West and the Lower East Side, which also happens to be the entity's test kitchen.

Treats Truck Stop
51 Court St., Carroll Gardens
For those with a sweet tooth and Twitter handle, 2007 was a good year. That was when the Treats Truck blessed us with its sweet, sweet offerings. Wisely making regular stops in both business and residential areas, the Treats Truck soon outgrew its four wheels (er, the truck is still on the streets, don't worry) and opened The Treats Truck Stop in Carroll Gardens, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The neighborhood has never been the same. And we're glad for it.