In New York, you inevitably end up sharing a lot of things with strangers: tables at coffee shops/restaurants, contempt for tourists, personal space. And, if you forget to lock your wireless internet up tight, you could end up with a whole apartment building clogging your connection. But what's in a wifi name? Obviously, there are some out there who take their wifi naming very seriously. Here, a collection of some of our faves (many courtesy of you, so thanks for keeping us curious):

A history nerd? A Steven Spielberg fan?

My Neighbor Is Hot
Possibly the most passive agressive way to let someone know you like them?

I Am Watching You
Rockwell was right! It's always been our naive concern that someone would be able to track our activity once we got on his or her network. Thanks for confirming.

FBI Surveillance Van
Nothing to see here. No reason to be alarmed by that milk truck sitting outside your apartment for the past three days...

Pretty Fly For A Wifi
Uh huh! Uh huh!

Get Your Own Wifi
Rude, but honest. We're assuming this person was not a fan of giant purple dinosaurs growing up.

Trannie Panties
No explanation needed. Seriously.