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Uncle Paul's Gourmet Pizza

50% off Uncle Paul's Gourmet Pizza
The menu at Uncle Paul's takes you on a gourmet trip through Europe, from Italian pastas and pizza to stuffed Burek, landing you right back in NYC, conveniently next to Grand Central Station.
Once upon a time New York City was run by giants not of industry and finance, but of hospitality and service. Coming from an esteemed lineage of hospitality noblemen, and proving that there's still a place for customer service in today's landscape, is Uncle Paul's Gourmet Pizza. Named for the man who, among many other top tier establishments, ran the Plaza Hotel, Uncle Paul's brings an unusually high level of quality to the realm of the pizzeria.

Tucked away on Vanderbilt Ave. near Grand Central, Uncle Paul's serves up an array of pan-European classics, taking you on a tour from the US through Europe and back again. And with dishes ranging from $6 to $200 (caviar pizza anyone?), there's literally something for every budget. Walk in and either head to the counter to order a slice of freshly made pizza, or sit down at a marble-topped table and wait for service. This is especially beneficial since you'll need a few minutes to peruse the menu of old fashioned stuffed Burek (similar to a pita); specialty pizzas; entrees like Osso Bucco con Gnocchi and Red Snapper Ratatouille; pastas like Penne al Salmone or Fettucini Bolognese; and sandwiches made from scratch on fresh homemade breads.

Menu Highlights:
Stuffed Burek, $6-7
Quattro Formaggio Pizza, $14
Oss Bucco, $27.95
Penne al Salmone, $13.95

Always open (24hrs)

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