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Ken & Cook

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Don't let all the glitz distract you. The menu here is serious, and the dinner hour is packed with well-dressed diners.
Sometimes it's fun to go out and be seen, which is easy to do at Ken & Cook, as the front of the restaurant consists of giant, floor-to-ceiling windows opening up onto Kenmare for semi-alfresco dining. But at this hip industrial brasserie run by Jean Georges alumnus Artan Gjoni and chef Richard Diamonte, it can also be a place to see, as many a big name celeb (Hi Emma Watson/Salman Rushdie!) have been known to pop into the 65-seat establishment for a nosh.

But don't let all the glitz distract you. The menu here is serious. The dinner hour is packed with well-dressed diners feasting on appetizers of Oysters Rockefeller and beef tartar and main courses of monkfish with romesco, fennel and thyme or Wagyu Flank with pesto, asparagus, and almond. But for a calmer scene (the DJ booth is typically empty), hit up their Lunch and Late Lunch menu for the delicious likes of a steak baguette with pesto and arugula, smoked salmon with roasted tomato, fraiche, and toast, or a Wagyu burger. Or if you're feeling exotic on your lunch break order from their raw bar of oysters, clams, shrimp, or 1/2 lobster. Mr. Rushdie would approve.

Menu Highlights:
Grilled Squid, $12
Wagyu Burger, $15
Smoked Salmon, $13

11:30pm - 4pm, Mon-Sat

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