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Bom Cafe

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Entering Bom Café is like temporarily leaving Inman Square for some place… exotic; someplace that gets much better weather and has some of the best coffee and juices in town.
Literally meaning good coffee in Portuguese, Bom Cafe is a little canteen offering authentic Brazilian eats like omelettes, fried plantains and linguinca (smokey and spicy Portuguese sausage) sandwiches, plus natural-juice smoothies, and coffee and tea o’plenty. Owner Antonio Gomes is Brazilian by birth but in his 30 years here he’s noticed a need for delicious, slow-brewed coffee and wholesome South American cuisine: “No more D&D,” he says. And we can get down with that.

Entering Bom Café is like temporarily leaving Inman Square for some place…exotic, some place that gets much better weather. Burlap-covered tables are neatly arranged in the breezy, open dining room; Gerber daisies cheerfully rest in teacups on the windowsill. And there’s Antonio, in his panama hat and round, tortoise shell glasses, happily cooking and greeting guests from behind the counter. This felt like vacation.

We ordered an Acai bowl and chatted with Antonio about the fresh juices he makes in-house and the Brazilian coffee he sources through a roaster in Everrett, a small roasting company called Common Ground. He told us about the vegetarian and gluten-free options he’s added to his menu, and all about Acai (a “special fruit from the Amazon” loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals). The bowl was a delightfully refreshing treat, like a thick smoothie in a large bowl, topped with granola, bananas and strawberries. Heartier fare caught our eye (and smelled amazing), as well, like the breakfast sandwiches on torpedo rolls and yucca homefries. But for those we'll have to wait until we go back. Tomorrow.

Menu Highlights:
Linguica Sandwich, $6.95
Acai Bowl, $6
Cheese Bread Authentic Brazilian Treat, $2 Large
Baked all day!

Monday - Saturday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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