We’re big ol’ fans of Murmur and the projects they organize, including Atlanta Zine Library and Atlanta Zine Fest. And how could we not be? It’s pretty much not possible to give in to their fervent advocacy of all-things-DIY. Thumbing through the lovingly hand-assembled, photocopied and stapled tomes of the ATL Zine Library is one of our favorite ways to pass an afternoon. So when we got wind of the fact that they’re trying to raise funds for a home of their own... why, how could we not help? Having a place to call home will only make more of an opportunity for more ridiculously awesome DIY haps around town – a cause we can 100% get behind.

All of the funds will go towards backing a space, its amenities, and supplies for all of the tools we’ll need to make our zine dreams come to fruition: printers, screen printing supplies, staplers, button, makers – the works! The cause only has a week left for its fundraising – so what are you waiting for, dear scouts? Help us make it happen – time is of the essence!

The Kickstarter for Murmur will come to a close with a bit of a soirée – a closing for Ephemeral Memorable at Mammal Gallery. The Closing party will be a release for a few different folks – a zine from Sunni Johnson, a tape from Jane Garver. Plus, an edible story by Molly Brodak and Blake Butler, performances by the Flail, Jane Garver, and a locket button-making workshop from Edilburga Duran Gonzalez to name a few. Attendees who donate $10 at the door will get a free Murmur zine, and the Mammal Gallery will be donating 10% off the bar proceeds to the fundraiser, so we can go, have a good time, and contribute all in one fell swoop!

In case you need just a little bit more of a push, we suggest watching this video Murmur made for Kickstarter:

Article artwork by Tiger Wizard