Pssst, hey – c’mere. Yeah, you. We want to let you in on something! Alright, so we’re going to tell you about this totally secret spot, and you can’t tell anyone, got it? Seriously, if you blow this, we’ll be like, mad at you forever. Well, okay – for two weeks at the least. (Which is more than enough time for us to seriously prank you on Facebook.) So, get in and keep quiet – these are some of our favorite spots in the A.

The Candler Park Rope Swing
Alright, so right off McLendon, there’s a place called Frazer Center. Park there, close to the chain-link fence near the entrance. To the left of the fence, there’s a little trail. Just follow it, and when it forks, keep left. Eventually you’ll see a bamboo forest. (Yes, a bamboo forest.) Follow the bamboo railing down (which we are assuming was constructed by forest nymphs), and you’ll run right into the swing. It’s hung about thirty feet from a real sturdy branch. And we mean sturdy – our cousin did it once and she’s pretty hefty. Pro-tip: Don’t jump off – that creek is only, like, six inches deep.

The view at Climax St.
Yeah, yeah, yuck it up, it’s called Climax Street, har, har. But dude, for good reason – it’s the best view in Atlanta. “But what about that Walking Dead one?” Psh, sure, and The Beatles are a good band, but are they your FAVORITE? Anyway, park responsibly. This is just an empty lot on a residential street, so, no fireworks or howler monkeys allowed. Just check out a view that stretches from Turner Field, to like, the smallest sliver of Stone Mountain.

Atlanta Zero Marker
Our boy Jim Hodgson already put the word out about this spot
and yet somehow it remains very, very hidden. The Zero Marker was originally intended to mark the exact center of Atlanta, but then the city moved it, ruining the entire point of its existence. It is now in a locked building underneath a parking garage near Underground. And although you can’t really go there per-se, there’s a picnic table close by that you could skate on. It’s pretty rad.

Hindu Temple of Atlanta
Okay, so it’s not so much hidden, as it is “massive” and “religious” but a bunch of our friends still don’t know about it, so keep it on the DL. It’s a pretty good spot to get centered. Consider it our (and thousands of actually spiritual peoples’) go-to chill-zone. It’s so sacred to us that if you tell anyone about it, we’ll probably tell your boss about the time you called out sick to go the midnight screening of Blackfish.

Local Scout Travis Broyles once stared at the internet until it made sense. He's been writing and eating in Atlanta for five years, and even forced down 5.2 pounds of pizza just for Scoutmob. (The goal was 5.5, but we appreciate the gesture.) If you need him, he will be at Park Grounds with his dog, steadily transitioning from coffee to beer, and writing weird tweets under the ineffective pseudonym @TravisBroyles.