You might not see them. You might not hear them. But you sure as heck feel the acorns whizzing by your head as soon as you step out-o-doors. The squirrelly infantry of Inman Park, while arguably adorable, aren't chucking those nuts on accident, my friend. And their aim is rapidly improving. But thanks to the Inman Park Squirrel Census, we now know just how many of these furry-tailed critters are residing in the neighborhood's oaks.

This past spring a motley crew of writers, designers, Ph.D.'s and a smattering of volunteers combined forces to conduct an intrepid reconnaissance of the woodland variety. Also, they recruited a wildland firefighter. Why, you ask? Because this ain't no joke, fellas. (Also, we kinda just wanted to know.) Well, a couple of weeks ago, the group held a Data Presentation and Spectacle to slake curiosities across the city. And what a spectacle it was. (For those who missed out, never fear – it was liveblogged.)

Infographic designer, Nat Slaughter, compiled a veritable slew of data into two gorgeous posters. Posters which are already available for perusal on their totally-legit site, but not for purchase and display. That is, until their Kickstarter is fully backed. That's right, project leader Jamie Allen says, "we've already talked with the printer. The finger is on the 'go' button, just waiting to print these beautiful suckers." They will also use the funds to support more, squirrelly-er, endeavors.

Help get these schweet posters printed, and fund future squirrel studies (maybe in your neighborhood?).

In summation, the squirrels are out there. Don't say we didn't warn you.