We've sung the praises of neighborhood markets before, and we aren't afraid to do it again -- especially when it comes to an area as hungry for fresh local foods as Castleberry Hill and its surrounding neighborhoods. Tattoos, art strolls, and one really great pub are Castleberry's fortes. A place within walking or biking distance to buy real food not in a can? Not so much. Not until now, anyway.

While Castleberry might be known as host to some of the coolest arts happenings in Atlanta, a fresh food destination it is not. There's a Texaco food mart around the corner on Northside, and the West End Save-a-Lot, but if you're looking for something a bit healthier than stale Pringles and soda, you'd likely be making a drive to a different 'hood. That's exactly what inspired the people behind Boxcar Grocer to set up shop right on Peters Street.

Boxcar, which plans to open within the next two weeks, describes the foundation of their grocery as a neighborhood resource; "a place that recognizes the health of a nation begins with the health of its individual communities." The neighborhood grocery will offer organic goods from Truly Living Well, Huckleberry Hill Farm, AtlantaFresh Artisan Creamery, Savannah Bee Company, and more, along with dairy and baked goods.

We're diggin' on you, Boxcar, and we're excited to watch you join the ranks of Savi, the Mercantile, and the rest of Atlanta's beloved neighborhood groceries. We got your back like a sweatervest.