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Select Shades

50% off at Select Shades Inman Park
Everyone needs a good pair of shades- both to keep your eyes safe from the bad sun rays, but more importantly to look cool! Select Shades in Inman Park is the best spot in ATL for all your sunglasses needs!
The mission of this sunglass shop is to deliver a bright and memorable experience to everyone that walks through their door. Select Shades brand is centered on the experience of their customers. Far from just a sunglass store – they are an environment in which people want to gather, to browse, to browse, learn, have their day brightened, and find that perfect fit. Jason and Jonathan, the founders, believe that people seek and are drawn to surroundings that make them feel valued, appreciated as individuals, and that recognizes them as unique.

In addition to their goal of providing an incredible service experience, customers can expect a lot from Select Shades, including the best overall selection available from iconic, luxury, lifestyle, regional, startup, and unique brands. Select Shades also has a concentrated focus on sunglasses that retail for $50 – 125, a range underserved in most sunglass specialty stores. The Inman Park store has wonderful textures and designs that reflect the local communities- oh and if you ask nicely they will even serve you wine!


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