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Andryannis Greek Bistro Cafe

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With Chef Marios hailing from Cyprus, those Mediterranean staples like tabbouleh and melitzanosalata (an eggplant appetizer akin to baba ganoush) are given unique regional twists that you aren't likely to find in just any ol' Greek joint.
Perhaps we just love the thrill of the hunt, but we'd argue that the best things in life are the ones you have to really work hard to find. (See: buried treasure, mythical creatures, parking spots in Decatur...) And this little Greek bistro, tucked away off the street and underneath an office building in the heart of Decatur, is living proof that when it comes to restaurant dining, nothing beats a hidden gem.

Of course, Andryannis isn't any ordinary Greek restaurant—this is Decatur, after all. With Chef Marios hailing from Cyprus, Mediterranean staples are given unique regional twists that you aren't likely to find in just any ol' Greek joint. Which makes perfect sense, because this charming little family-owned eatery (named after the owners' two children) is anything but your average hole-in-the-wall gyro shop. Exhibit A? Well, their soups seem to have... curative properties. The rich, creamy, pleasantly tart Avgolemeno soup — a Greek lemon-chicken soup made with egg — is jokingly referred to as "Greek penicillin" by Marios, and we're fairly certain a piping-hot mug of the stuff could cure just about any worldly woe. Of course, if poultry ain't your bag, Marios's veggie-friendly Greek lentil soup is equally cozy, comforting and filling. Both soups are homemade by Marios, both hit the spot on a chilly day, and both somehow seem to possess healing powers—a panacea, as the Greeks might say. Sounds worth the treasure hunt to us.

Dinner Menu Highlights:
Yannis Greek Salad, $13
Gyro Platter, $15
Grilled Falafel Platter $15

Dinner Hours:
Monday-Thursday 6pm-8pm Friday & Saturday. 6pm - 9pm

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