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Go Vegetarian Restaurant

50% off Go Vegetarian Restaurant
The masterful vegan chefs and food scientists at Go Vegetarian are bringing ATLiens diner food with a secret: it’s all house-made and vegan. Stop in for a meat-free breakfast, lunch or dinner that'll leave you happier and even a little healthier.
We know eating well—whether to lose weight, lower blood pressure or just feel better–likely involves like eating fewer cheeseburgers and less bacon (life is hard that way). But we also don't want to be stuck on kale salad alone either. Thankfully, there's Go Vegetarian. And although the name Go Vegetarian may sound like a command, it’s more a judgement-free suggestion in practice. This Decatur restaurant is taking classic Southern diner food, like smothered fried chicken and hamburgers, and making it vegan. With a big menu and focus on taste and texture, this is food that can be appreciated by both the carnivores and herbivores alike.

Go Vegetarian’s owners intentionally set up their menu to be friendly toward someone on a transitional diet. What does transitional mean? Perhaps you’re doing a meatless Monday, or less meat in general, but don’t want to commit to never eating any animal products again. At Go Vegetarian, that’s fine. They aren’t going to hassle you over your diet, but they will give you good vegan food for whatever you’re trying today. More frankly, this is vegan for people intimidated by what the word vegan implies (a plate of raw vegetables and condescending comments on your leather shoes? *shrug*). They’ll even accommodate vegetarians with real cheese toppings, and also offer soy free, gluten free and nut free options. The meals are hearty, and look pretty much like the food you’d find at any southern diner… just without animal products. No cardboard substitutions here, just good food.

Menu Highlights:
Country Fried Steak with Gravy, $9.79
Morning French Toast Platter, $9.99
Power Protein Omelet, $10.99
Black Bean Burger, $7.49
Marinated Portabella Collard Green Wrap, $9.99
Cashew Vanilla Ice Cream (made in-house and soy free)

Every day, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

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