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AW Pottery

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With rustic aesthetics and bright hues, from small terrarium-friendly pots to large, statement-making urns, AW stocks a huge selection of handmade pottery for outside and inside your home.
For those of us with the ambition for honing our green thumbs, why not treat your flora and greenery with a little landscaping decor? AW Pottery, which has sold handmade ceramics for both the home and the garden in Atlanta since 1996, has the perfect new home for that batch of daffodils you swear you won't kill this time around.

With rustic aesthetics and bright hues, from little terrarium-friendly pots to statement-making, small-tree-holding urns, AW stocks a rather huge selection of pottery for outside and inside your home. Beautiful bright ceramic vases can instantly add that "pop of color," as the interior decorators on television so love to say, to a monotonous color palette, and AW's handsome zinc urns are bold enough to possibly draw attention away from, say, untidy quarters like mine. You just have to promise not to break it. Whether you're looking to create your own version of a secret garden or just find the perfect little something to compliment your impressive Ikea furniture collection, you should hit up AW with a quickness. One could practically get lost in their 1.5 acres of rows and rows of garden pottery and yard accoutrements outside the building, and the AW folks are ready and willing to help you find your ceramic soulmate. Just make sure to seatbelt that bad boy in on the way home.

Store Highlights:
Antique Floral Collection
Glazed Sets
Fiesta Collection
Granite Collection
Oriental Collection
Sea Collection
Zinc & Metal Collection
Rustic Sets

Monday - Saturday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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