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Meehan's Public House (Buckhead)

50% off Meehan's Public House (Buckhead)
Meehan’s is proof in the bread pudding that a casual Irish Pub can be so much more than a smoky dive with a shamrock motif. This spot? They've got a family-friendly, convivial atmosphere and a kitchen staff with some serious chops.
Tell us, when you hear “Irish Pub” what comes to mind? (Let us guess – “smoky dive bar with a shamrock motif”?) Well, take whatever misgivings you have with the phrase and toss ‘em to the Irish wind, will ya? Meehan’s is proof in the bread pudding that a casual Irish pub needn’t be synonymous with greasy chips and the scent of ashtrays. Quite the contrary! The 101 Concepts pub has been bucking that reputation for over a decade – complete with a convivial family-friendly environment, pup-friendly patio, a jovial staff, and some folks in the kitchen with some serious chops.

Still expect this place to be all fish ’n chips and soggy scotch eggs? Think again. The chefs at Meehan’s come with some hardcore fine dining experience, so you can anticipate the Irish staples  – bangers ’n mash, shepherd’s pie – done up and done well. You can also expect some seriously inventive pub fare. Think grilled pork cheeks with kimchi risotto and sautéed broccolini. Or – our personal favorite – a juicy seared ahi tuna burger. (!) Yup, using a winning combination of innovation, talent and some local ingredients, the folks in Meehan's kitchen churn out a wide variety of delicious eats with some serious gusto. Pair ‘em with a nice, tall stout? You’ve got yourself a taste of true pub culture.

Menu Highlights:
Ahi Tuna Bites, $10
Jumbo Buffalo Wings, $10.95
Meehan's Burger, $12
Blackened Grouper, $18
Fish & Chips, $10.5/$15
Irish Bangers & Mash, $13
Shepard's Pie, $15.25

Monday - Saturday, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.
Sunday, 11 a.m. to midnight

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