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Pat Alessi - Salon 1580

50% off Pat Alessi - Salon 1580
Enjoy a refreshing glass of wine or other beverage while being pampered and prettied by Master Cosmetologist Pat Alessi and her crew of the classiest couture hair designers in town. (It’s a tough life, scouts.)
In this ever-changing world where you high-tech folk are always on the hunt for the next best and newest thing (we’re talking to you, mobile phone snobs), there’s something to be said for loyalty. Master Cosmetologist Pat Alessi’s clients have been letting her do their locks for years and aren’t going anywhere because they know she's the best thing. Sometimes, there’s no need for newfangled change when the original is a perfect fit. And at Salon 1580's idyllic new location in Salon Lofts, Roswell Market Place – well, we feel pampered from the moment we walk in the door.

Overheard in Salon 1580: “My husband is 45 and Pat’s been doing his hair since he was 17.” Whoa. (See what we meant about loyalty?) With 35+ years of experience, Pat is an expert on all things hair, but is still on top of the hottest styles and trends and can whip up a Global Keratin hair taming treatment like nobody’s business. Whether you go in for a trendy cut, totally outrageous or natural color, a GKhair Keratin Hair-Taming Treatment, or elegant updo, you’re in for a relaxing, intimate experience. As for Pat’s flexibility and client schedule, let’s just say she’s been known to work in the wee hours. We can relate.

Monday – Saturday, by appointment

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